Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday: Green is Good

You have to eat something green for St. Patty’s day, right?! Not your typical St. Patty’s meal but this green chopped kale salad is way better then anything at the end of the rainbow! My friend dropped off a kale salad similar to this while I was

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Fit Chic: Mommy & Me Yoga/Pilates


I have been practicing yoga and/or pilates on & off for years now. However, I have trouble conistently committing to these exercises that help strengthen and tone often opting instead for a cardio workout like running. Eventually I start to get a little achy and I realize

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Wellness Wednesday with Kelly LeVeque

I love to eat and drink… Maybe even a little too much! And when it comes to this festive time of year my self control is put to the test. That is why I reached out to wellness expert and friend Kelly LeVeque for some pointers on

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Wellness Wednesday: Avocado as Baby’s First Food


Seeing as we are an avocado family (my hubby & company grow them) it was only natural that avocado be Amalia’s first food. Now I will be honest that it was not the absolute first food for the other three as they had the “oh so tasty”

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Fit Chic: My “Baby Running” Style


As I have talked about before I love to run and I even love to run with my babies and/or kiddos… As long as they are not crying. ;). When it comes to running just like almost everything else in mom life it is all about comfort

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Wellness Wednesday: Coconut Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins


Our fabulous mommy chic chef Tiffany Jaeger has shown us how to cure the “back to school breakfast blues” with these protein and nutrient rich muffins. The kiddos will love them and you will love how easy it is to get them to eat a good breakfast

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Wellness Wednesday: Postpartum Weight-loss

5 weeks postpartum. I couldn’t resist a little boogie board action with kids on a hot summer day! In all of my pregnancies I didn’t gain a lot of weight. I gained enough to have healthy babies and enjoy eating, but I didn’t go overboard. This is

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Red, White & Blue Foods with Tiffany Jaeger

Often times when one thinks of 4th of July, hamburgers and hot dogs come to mind. And while those are good classic American foods not all of us love them… especially if you are a female above the age of 25. Or maybe you still love a

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Wellness Wednesday: My Fit Pregnancy


29 weeks pregnant on our Babymoon in Maui (hard to go wrong with a background this dreamy:)) Staying fit while pregnant can be incredibly challenging. And if you already struggle with making it a priority when not pregnant, than it is not likely to get any easier

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Wellness Wednesday: Bikini Ready


Summer is here and we all know what that means… Two months of school-free children! Likely you have already scheduled out the summer with as many camps and trips as possible in order to keep your little one(s) busy and preserve some sanity. However, with all this

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Wellness Wednesday: Protecting your Skin & Eyes in Style


Today we have rounded up a few of our favorite hats and sunglasses in preparation for the sunny days ahead. And while there is nothing chic-er than a fabulous hat paired with the perfect sunnies, it isn’t all about just looking good as there is actually a

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Fit Chic: Mommy & Me


Recently on a quick trip to Nordstrom I stopped by the fitness apparel to see if there was anything that would be “bump friendly” and still super cute. I was delighted to find a few things that would work now and later like a pair of leggings

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Wellness Wednesday: Exercising while Expecting


The myth that you should not exercise very much while pregnant has almost been eradicted. The truth is that unless directed by a doctor it is a wonderful thing for you and your baby. A fresh flow of oxygen and blood are important for both of you.

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Red Hot: Look Good, Feel Good (Naked)


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we all want to look our best. Well, thanks to our fitness contributor, Cortney, shares two quick workout videos that you can easily do at the comfort of your home. So, squeeze in mini workouts before you slip into something

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Wellness Wednesday: Follow Your Heart


Seeing as our heart is our most vital organ, it only makes sense to use it as a guide for our workouts. Today Mommy Chic fitness guru Cortney Taketa tells us exactly how and why to do exactly that. Thanks Cort, for the fitspiration. xx For Christmas

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Winter Sales!: Fit Chic


We all know that one way to find workout motivation is by purchasing fabulous new gear. Unfortunately, it is difficult to purchase some of this oh-so-pricey gear every time our motivation wains. But this is not the case this time. Everything here is priced so well that

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