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I have been practicing yoga and/or pilates on & off for years now. However, I have trouble conistently committing to these exercises that help strengthen and tone often opting instead for a cardio workout like running. Eventually I start to get a little achy and I realize I need to integrate lower impact exercises and I start doing them (yet again) loving how I feel both mentally and physically (especially yoga). Then for some reason I stop until I once again feel “I NEED IT.” Something similar has happened this time around.

A foot injury that has made it difficult to run forced me to look for a low impact workout alternative. Not to mention by going to yoga classes I am reminded to take deep breathes something that is forgotten in my busy days. In fact, I often joke that “I forget to breathe,” but I suppose this is happens when you have four kids and a business… Or maybe it is just how I am wired regardless of kiddos and basically needed yoga from birth (right mom??). Regardless of how you are wired I have a sneaking suspicion that I am not the only busy mama out there that needs a little deep breathing in her life.

So, today is dedicated to a few of my “tried and true” exercises that combine yoga and pilates. They target the whole body with specific focus on the arms, abs and booty. Best of all they can even be done with a baby (or with bigger kids who can do the exercises with you). In fact, the whole family will often do group sessions. I recently led the older ones through a couple rounds of “Sun Salutations” and they loved it.  I am hoping that by doing it occasionally with them they will be better than me at taking deep breathes when they need it. Plus the core strengthening and stretching is also very valuable for these young athletes… but this topic is for another time. With this it is important to note that I have absolutely no certification and am simply repeating some of my favorite moves that I have learned by those who are certified.

When doing this workout with Amalia it is usually about 20-25 minutes max. Anything longer than that can be frustrating and thus completely defeats the whole purpose of the workout. It can go a little longer but then it is just playing around, which I have found I am doing part of the time anyway, especially now that Amalia is crawling. With her new found love of crawling I have to work extra hard to entertain her by giving her kisses, saying “peek-a-boo” or singing. It is actually really fun and half the time I forget I am toning and stretching at the same time.

Keep in mind I am still building my strength and working on achieving a pre-baby body (one can dream!) so everything is not as perfect looking as I would like, but then again I don’t think it ever will be and I am okay with that because when I want to see perfect I look into the eyes of my baby (ies)!! 🙂

On Jessica- Pants// Top (available at the Santa Monica store: 310-752-4634; similar here & here) // Yoga Mat

On Amalia- Bloomers // Top (Splendid – unavailable)

Location: Santa Monica Bluffs

Down Dog: I like to begin with the classic yoga position “Down Dog”. I hang out here for 30 seconds to a minute…or as long as I can keep my little escapee still. Take in few deep breathes in through the nose and out through the nose (or mouth if you prefer).



Plank with leg lift: Hold for 60 seconds while making funny (or grimacing 🙂 ) faces at your babe. Do 30 seconds with both feet down then alternate lifting each foot for 5 seconds until your reach a minute. Repeat.



Toe Taps: While holding your love bug and singing her a song put your knees at a ninety degree angle and alternate touching your toes to the ground. Do this 20-30 times or as long as it takes to sing “The ABC’s”. Repeat.


Knee to Chest with Push-up & Kiss: One of my favorites since I looove to give Amalia kisses. I look at giving her a kiss as being my reward for doing the push up (not my favorite thing at all!). Alternate bringing each knee to the chest followed by a push up and a kiss. Do the series 10 times. Repeat.


Ab Leg Lifts: While your baby sits on your belly lower your straight legs to the ground and back up 15-20 times. Repeat.

ab leg lift - 1

ab leg lifts - 2

Work is done, time for hugs 🙂


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  1. looks like loving FUN , and so creative !!!

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