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Jessica J. Johnson

Jessica J. Johnson

MOMMY CHIC was created for the modern sophisticated woman looking for fashion and lifestyle inspiration. The site is divided by categories: Fashion, Beauty and Life. And for those that love to travel (like I do!) there is a an area dedicated solely to travel tips and chic destinations. Ultimately, this culminates as a little black book of resources for moms and women alike.

the story…

Jessica Jean Johnson is a mom of four little loves and wife to my long time love (we met at 21 years old). I am also a designer, stylist, writer and philanthropist.

I grew up mostly in Southern California where I had unlimited access to the world of entertainment, lifestyle and fashion. I attended the University of Southern California for Broadcast Journalism and received a Master’s from Chapman University in Education. I have worked in various fields where I have done broadcast journalism,PR, teaching, runway scouting, styling, trend reporting and fashion blogging.  I have an insatiable desire to see everything and love partaking in all that life has to offer. Although my plans are not always well thought out , the outcome is always interesting.


This is a hard thing to find… for everyone! We all try, and I fail all the time, but I keep searching for that allusive state. It is constant reprioritizing as I focus on the things I love most…my family, friends, fashion, writing, travel and philanthropy. As a wife, mom, designer, editor, and president of a foundation I have found that doing things for “fun” can be a challenge. By scheduling date nights, girls weekends, vacations, workouts and shopping trips I have managed (barely:)) to hold on to the side of me that likes to laugh and relax. I think all moms need to schedule time for themselves even if it is taking an hour to get your nails done. Oh, and if you figure out this whole balance thing can you shoot me an email telling me exactly how you found it!


I love my job and am living out my dream to be a stylist, designer, editor and OF COURSE mommy!! As editor of Mommy Chic by Jessica, I am in constant search for the latest and greatest in fashion, fitness, food and travel . However, I can’t do it alone! It is a team of amazing MOMMY CHIC contributors and fabulous guest editors. These chic mamas are passionate about being a mother and their areas of expertise. I appreciate all they add to my world and I know you will too!

Taken at our family’s avocado ranch

Finally, becoming a mom is overwhelming, but hold on to “you,”and to your passions outside of your little (and big) loves. Take time to read a book, have dinner with friends and get dressed up! And remember that as a mom you are still “fabulous…and not frumpy”. xx

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meet the featured MOMMY CHIC contributors

Sarah Ollenburger

My name is Sarah Ollenburger and I am the person behind the lifestyle blog Juggling in Heels.  My goal with starting JIH was to create a space for the modern day woman who juggles career, motherhood, and marriage while still maintaining her identify and style, in fabulous stilettos. After 5 years of writing, event hosting and working with incredible brands such as Bloomingdale’s Rebecca Taylor and Aveeno Skincare,  I decided to step aside from JIH to focus my time on my three children (11, 8 and 5) and my amazing husband of almost 15 years.  I am so excited to now join the MCbJ team and have an outlet to continue to share my love for style, interior design, food and all the things that make women who they are!

Tiffany Jaeger

tiffanybio I am a mother of 3 little ones (4, 2, & 1) and we reside in Santa Barbara, California. I am a mom that loves to eat good food, as well as cook good balanced meals. If I don’t eat balanced meals throughout the day, I become cranky. A cranky mommy is not a good mommy, so might as well cook good food and be a happy mommy. Personal training for 13 years and through my Masters studies of Sports Medicine, I researched and learned an extensive amount about how nutrition and exercise creates a balanced life. With this knowledge, I love to find recipes, tear them apart and build it back together to create a recipe that is well balanced for our family, and tastes even better. Having a family of 5, everyone obviously doesn’t all like the same foods, so I cook recipes that everyone of our family will eat parts of the dinner…in some form or another. Cooking for me makes me happy, and I am grateful I can share this happiness with you. Hope you all enjoy!

Lynn Simpson of Delilah Beauty

lynnsimpson_pic2 I am a professional makeup artist and creator of Delilah Beauty. My passion for makeup has been a life long affair, and I’m always working to perfect a “naturally” flawless signature look. I’ve worked for makeup powerhouses Chanel and MAC Cosmetics, in addition to studying at MUD in Burbank, CA. My dream opportunity of going on tour with an artist finally happened when I was asked to go on tour with Ashlee Simpson as her makeup artist in 2006. Since then, I have also had the pleasure of working with Jessica Simpson, the Kardashians, and Brooke Shields among others. I love working with women and helping them bring their inner beauty out. That is the most rewarding part about what I do! When I’m not making the world more beautiful with makeup, I am a busy mom of two fantastic kids, and wife to an amazingly supportive husband. They completely my world. They make me laugh, smile and sometimes cry, but they are the best part of life and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Because it is always chic to give.  As moms we are always giving and most of the time it is not even appreciated until our children are much older (let's hope!) So it may seem challenging to give to anyone else, but we should all try no matter how little the amount or the time. Thinking outside of ourselves is good for our hearts and those of our children.

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