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29 weeks pregnant on our Babymoon in Maui (hard to go wrong with a background this dreamy:))

Staying fit while pregnant can be incredibly challenging. And if you already struggle with making it a priority when not pregnant, than it is not likely to get any easier once the exhaustion, hormonal changes and nausea of pregnancy set in. However, if you power through the urge to do nothing other than sit (or lay) around you will find a renewed sense of energy and a more calm you.

**Note- I do not consider myself the most fit, ideally shaped pregnant woman around, and it takes bravery for me to share bikini clad bump photos (although something about it is also liberating). That being said, I do take extra care in making healthy decisions when it comes to eating and exercising. I want to share with you all a few of the things that have helped me gain between 22-25 pounds in all of my pregnancies. Plus, I have been asked to share some of my “staying in shape” tips so I guess that means I must be doing something a little bit right. Hope you all find my non-expert tips helpful!

First Trimester

For me, the most challenging part of staying active and making healthy food choices comes in the first trimester as it does for most women. With exhaustion and nausea at their highest it is difficult just to make it through each day, let alone focus on being healthy. That being said with each of my four pregnancies I still made daily exercise a priority even on the worst days, and with each pregnancy I had more and more of these extra sick days so I completely understand the struggle. If was often hard to get out the door and get moving, but once I got going I almost always felt better. In need of a little extra motivation? Try creating a fun, upbeat new playlist that always helps me on the days that I feel “off”. And if music alone won’t do it, try adding new workout clothes to your wardrobe as added motivation. See bottom for some of my fit chic clothing picks.

Get your workout ON with Lindsay Buckley‘s playlist.

Second Trimester

pic4 17 weeks wearing Alo Yoga pants and Zella Tank

By the time you hit the second trimester most women are feeling better. Energy is back and nausea has nearly ceased. Unfortunately, for some of us (me this pregnancy!) these pesky conditions stick with us, but hopefully in a less severe way. So this is the time to really focus on being healthy by getting daily exercise and giving you/your baby all the super foods they need. A pre-natal vitamin does not replace the nutrients that come from real food. In fact, my nausea has been so severe this pregnancy that it was difficult to take a muli-vitamin at all. I found a chewable vitamin that worked for me (and for my doctor), but I knew that this alone was not giving baby and I what we needed to thrive.

Knowing that I needed extra nutrients in my diet at this time, I am extra vigilant about what I put in my body. Not to mention when anything that is not “good” for you makes your feel sick and interrupts your sleep one tends to be healthier than ever. Yes, this was me this pregnancy. While I have been hungry all the time- start to finish I have had to be so careful with what I eat… to the point where it has been slightly irritating. I mean if pregnant mama wants to splurge on a couple cookies or cupcakes now and then I should be able to, right?? Well… not this time! I was still able to find a few healthier sweet treats that would do okay with my extra sensitive system. In addition to these treats, I am also sharing some of my “must have” pregnant super foods. I know for many of you they will not sound appealing, but try working them into a smoothie/juice or combine with a tasty vinaigrette.

Looking for a healthy and satisfying snack? 

Try these personal favorites:
Brown rice cake with smashed avocado and a little salt and pepper. I often add a little fresh pico de gallo to this.

Cashews and dried fruit
Carrots with garlic hummus (preservative free)
Pink lady apples with natural almond or peanut butter

Other “treats” that are still pretty healthy:
Fresh baguette with any of the following-
* Olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette
* Almond butter and banana
* Pasteurized goat cheese


Yogurt (Greek or all natural vanilla) with fresh granola, berries and a drizzle of honey

Biggest weakness:

**Note- I am not a vegeterian as these foods would suggest, but I do not eat a lot of meat. However, I have found with this pregnancy that I need to eat more chicken, turkey and fish than usual. I try to only eat natural and preservative free meats and foods.

pic2 Post workout smoothie

Third Trimester

pic3 Headed to a spin class. At 36 weeks pregnant, black is my preferred color for workout clothes these days. 🙂

Towards the end of this trimester it is almost like being back in the first one. Once again you feel exhausted, food becomes less appealing and you are now rather limited in movement. However, don’t give up all exercise and healthy food habits. Trust me I know it can be difficult (I am in this place right now), but I am still continuing on with a healthy (but modified) routine. At this time I find it extra helpful, and necessary!, to stretch. Some stretches will feel uncomfortable- don’t over do it! However, others should feel amazing. For me, one such stretch is laying on my back, leaving one leg straight, pulling the other knee up as far as it can go (which is not far at this point) and twisting it across the straight leg while keep my torso straight and looking the opposite direction of my knee. I also really enjoying doing the yoga move “down dog”, and of course good old “child’s pose” is always a winner.

Here are a few more stretches to try in Tri 3.

One of the most important things to remember right now is to drink a lot of water… although it is not likely you need this reminder since you are probably thirsty all the time! Which means you need to go pee all the time. And even though I know I will be getting up multiple times a night to do so, I still crave my big glass of water with crushed ice in it before going to bed. Not sure the hubby is enjoying all my ice chomping right now, but he is kind enough not to let me know it irritates him… clearly he is a nicer person than me:)!

downward Now hang in there! Before you know it your sweet little babe will be in your arms! It will take many months to feel and look back to normal, but I can tell you from experience that staying active and making smart food decisions will help you bounce back quicker. Trust me, having one less thing to worry about (such as a shedding a an excessive amount of pounds) is priceless at this chaotic, sleep deprived time.  It is worth it to approach your pregnancy with a healthy and balanced attitude from the beginning focusing on the long term and not the short term. After all, this not just a constructive way to view your pregnancy, but life in general. Always remember doing good for you, does good for your baby during pregnancy and for the years to come after in which he/she looks at you as a role-model. xx



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