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Recently on a quick trip to Nordstrom I stopped by the fitness apparel to see if there was anything that would be “bump friendly” and still super cute. I was delighted to find a few things that would work now and later like a pair of leggings and a sports bra tank. Since I didn’t even have time to try on I just brought the items home assuming I would return what didn’t’ work. Well, I ended up keeping everything. Much to my surprise everything was great! It was my first time trying the Nordstrom fitness line Zella, and I can tell you I am so glad I did.

See I am a bit of a brand loyalist and when I find something that works I don’t stray very much. This is especially true when it comes to “practical wear” which is how I look at work out clothing. So I have been a bit hooked on Lululemon. Their products are tried, true, lasting and still chic. I do not intend to stop being a customer. However, every so often we need something different and when you do, I recommend Zella. I am particulary in love with the leggings. They are so comfortable in addition to retaining shape and structure with each wash. Plus they are less than their competitor giving you another reason to feel good.

Today I have picked out a few of my current favorites for spring for both mom and daughter. My little love is still way too small to fit their clothes (not to mention she isn’t quite working out yetJ) but for those of you that do have daughters the right age this is just too cute to pass up. Besides if you were looking for a reason to schedule healthy bonding over walks and/or yoga with your darling daughter, now your have one. You see, new clothing really is the gift that keeps on giving. xx

shop mommy: scoop tank // double mesh jacket // mesh inset capris // neoprene duffel bag

shop mini me: colorblock hoodie // printed leggings // colorblock tank // colorblock duffel bag

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