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Friday Feelings: Let’s Have Fun!

Location: Coral Casino, Santa Barbara

L-Space has long been one of my favorite bikini brands because they are designed to flatter, stay in place and stand out!! And lucky you this new favorite bikini that I purchased from the Four Seasons in Ko’Olina (at full price!) is now on sale!! Now all

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Winter Skin Survival

It’s that time of year where the winter takes its toll on our skin. And whether you live in California where crazy hot Santa Ana conditions have you feeling parched inside and out or you live in Chicago where your skin feels like it is cracking like

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How to Look like a Celebrity this Valentine’s

Today celebrity make-up artist, fabulous friend and amazing mommy Lynn Simpson tells us how we can look like a celebrity this Valentine’s Day. It was after she recently did my make-up for my birthday bash that I was dying for her to share her process and inspiration

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Wellness Wednesday: Postpartum Weight-loss

5 weeks postpartum. I couldn’t resist a little boogie board action with kids on a hot summer day! In all of my pregnancies I didn’t gain a lot of weight. I gained enough to have healthy babies and enjoy eating, but I didn’t go overboard. This is

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Babymoon Style: A Trip to Paradise (Part 1)


Babymoon Style: A Trip to Paradise (Part 1)  A few weeks ago the hubby and I did something we have not done with the other three pregnancies… we took a babymoon! And not just a weekend getaway, a week. Well, Monday to Friday since that was all

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Happy 1st Birthday MCbJ & Happy Mother’s Day to You!


It’s official we are now one years old! No longer a newborn and headed in to toddlerhood a little stronger and more capable. That’s right I have found that starting a business shares plenty of similarities to having an actual baby. The first year is filled with

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A New Year, the Most Beautiful You: Makeup tips from fabulous pro Lynn Simpson

Screen shot 2015-01-14 at 10.27.59 PM

As we continue the search for finding the most beautiful us in 2015, I decided to call in a true expert: celebrity makeup artist and owner of Delilah Beauty, Lynn Simpson. I promise that if you follow her tips below you will look younger, fresher and prettier

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A New Year, the Most Beautiful You: Splurge Worthy Beauty Products


Those same gorgeous mommies that brought you their favorite drug store beauty products yesterday are here again today to share with you their “splurge-worthy” beauty products. After all, there are some things in life that are worth spending a little more on, and anything that can make

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A New Year, The Most Beautiful You: Our Drugstore Picks


This week we are focused on achieving beauty, both inside and out. Today we begin with the out because, well, it is Monday and if you order today then you can most likely get what you want before the weekend. I know we could all be patient

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Party Perfect: Glam Hair DIY courtesy of Style Dose Daily


Today’s post comes from the über chic site, Style Dose Daily that just so happens to have been founded my hair colorist extraordinaire, Erick Orellana . This fabulous site is filled with tips, tricks and the items you need to be the most beautiful you, such as

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Backpack Chic: The Essentials

If the kiddos need to get their school gear only when back-to-school season is approaching, we need to be prepared at all times.  We’re sure that you always remember to have your phone and keys ready but do you have all the “tools” ready for mini emergencies? 

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Super Mommy: Super Hair


Today we bring you hair tips from one of the best, Noelle Messreni from The Holiday Salon in Costa Mesa, CA.  Because every super mommy needs super hair! xx 1. How long have you been doing hair? What do you love about your job? 20 000 loans

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Boho Chic Week: Beach Wave Hair


To complete your boho chic look you simply must have the perfect hair! However, as moms there is one problem with this…and this problem is time! And then when we do have time we are often so frazzled we can’t even figure out what to do with

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YAS Giveaway


What better way than to wrap up the Fitness Week than a giveaway with YAS?  Thanks to one of our fave workout studios, YAS is giving a bunch of goodies to one lucky MCbJ follower.  So be sure to check out @mommychicbyjessica on Instagram to find out

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Fitness Week: Chic in your Sneaks


Almost everyday I roll out of bed and throw on a workout outfit, get the kids off to school and do some type of quick and effective workout. That workout varies from a jog (sometimes with my humongous, but awesome, BOB stroller) to a Pure Barre class,

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Beauty Week: 5 SuperFoods for a more Beautiful You

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 7.30.42 PM

“It should come as no surprise that what you put in your mouth will show on the outside, and no, I am not just talking about those pesky extra pounds. Your skin too will reflect your food choices. Yet, don’t fret about that donut you just shoved

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