Babymoon Style: A Trip to Paradise (Part 1)


Babymoon Style: A Trip to Paradise (Part 1)

 A few weeks ago the hubby and I did something we have not done with the other three pregnancies… we took a babymoon! And not just a weekend getaway, a week. Well, Monday to Friday since that was all the time we had for a getaway. The time frame was a little short to go all the way to Maui, but at least when you travel sans kids the flight is kind of relaxing… kind of, except for when you miss not one, but two flights. That’s right, we missed our departing to Maui (and back which I will talk about next week) flight simply because we sat down to breakfast, started chatting and lost complete track of time. Or rather I was paying no attention to the time assuming my very punctual husband had that covered. However, he for some reason (sympathy pregnancy brain??) thought our flight was a half hour later than it was. So it was quite shocking when I looked down at my phone only to discover that it was 9am- the time our flight was departing. I ran out of the restaurant only to see our plane pulling away from the gate. For anyone that has ever had this happen to them it is such a helpless feeling. I wanted to run out on the tarmac and tell the plane to stop, but seeing as that was not an option, I instead proceeded to do what any emotional pregnant woman would do…burst into tears and declare that “the trip was ruined and I was going home!” I know, very mature of me. And the mature behavior didn’t stop there. I then called my mom (who was watching our three kids) hysterically telling her what had happened. In other words, you could say, I really “kept my cool”.  I am sorry (not really) to say that we have no photos of this temper tantrum, but had my hubby started snapping photos of me… well, let’s just say TSA may have gotten involved.

At this point, I should probably let some of you in on a secret one you would surely never guess in a million years… I can be a little over dramatic at times, or “passionate” as I prefer to call it. So imagine just how “passionate” I am while pregnant! Fortunately, my hubby, who even though had a “pregnancy brain” moment earlier was not also suffering sympathy for uncontrollable emotional outbursts and handled the situation a tad more gracefully. And, before I knew it we were re-booked on another flight just a couple hours later. Disaster averted… although it took me about an hour into the new flight to recover from the whole thing. Like I said, I am a passionate person.

However, once we arrived in Maui everything was as beautiful and peaceful as a dream. It was smooth sailing from there minus the boat or pretty much any ocean activity that required too much effort. The majority of our time was spent lounging and reading… something that happens never!  Besides, I will have many beach trips with the kiddos that involve ocean activities. This was about relaxing.

So join me in a little trip to paradise where you can dream of your next getaway or even just the hot summer nights. Either way, I can get you started on fabulous warm weather clothes and accessories just by clicking on the shopping links with the images below. Keep in mind nothing here is actually maternity, but works for a growing belly… or rock hard abs… you know, the ones we all get after having a baby as a reward for enduring pregnancy for 9 months. Ha! Like I said I am taking you to a dream world. Enjoy! xx

Greeted with delightful display The Four Seasons Maui took extra efforts to celebrate not only our babymoon, but also my hubby’s birthday that was only a few days away.

Day 1

First stop after briefly unpacking was a dip in the Serenity Pool. It was slightly stormy that evening, but just as beautiful. We had arrived in tropical paradise!

pool pool1_1 pool2

I actually bought this Mara Hoffman dress months ago in hopes that I would be wearing it on a not yet planned babymoon. I admit at 29 weeks it was a little snug around the rib cage, but that wasn’t stopping me from wearing the dress that had me dreaming of a tropical babymoon from the start. And now you can even get it on sale! Can’t say the same for the sandals, but they are worth it!
pic2 Shop >>> Mara Hoffman Maxi Dress (on sale!)
Shop >>> Loeffler Randall Fringe Sandal
Shop >>> Phase 3 Infinity Scarf (on sale! shown in green)


I wanted to share this photo and caption from an Instagram post during our babymoon. It sums up my feelings and the importance of the magical time together.

Back where we Honeymooned for our last Babymoon. So much has changed in the past almost 8 years- babies, cities, jobs… but one thing has stayed the same, we can sit and talk for hours. I am so grateful for this time to just appreciate my hubby. I am embarrassed to admit this, but sometimes I forget just how special what we have is. Life is busy & stressful… To have four days to just relax with each other is an incredible gift. Thank you Mom, for taking care of our littles. As you always say, time with the hubby “is an investment in our marriage”.

Day 2
This view from our room made it tempting to never actually leave the room, but we still managed to go from one lounge chair to another one that was actually on the beach. Like I said before this trip was about lounging and reading.
pic5 Unfortunately we couldn’t completely escape work, but I can’t imagine a better view for returning emails.  pic1 Here we are about to get our couple’s massages in this darling seaside cabana. Between the coconut butter and the sound of the crashing wave this might be the most relaxing experience in the world. Oh, and this black coverup by Mikoh is one of my all time faves.  pic4 Shop >>> Mikoh Maxi Dress
pic6 Shop >>> Beach Essentials: Eric Javits Sun Hat, COOLA Sunscreen Spray, Epicuren X-treme Cream, Dita Sunnies, JE T’AiME Canvas Bag
pic7 Shop >>> Nami Flip Flops in Amiga

 Day 3

The chic-est pineapple I ever did see! And filled with ginger lemonade it tasted just as good as it looked! Although next time I may have to try it with a Mai Tai.  pic8 pic9 pic10 I love this Pitusa cover up so much that I even ended up getting another one they were selling at the resort store that was short and gray. They are lightweight, comfortable and trés beach chic!

Shop >>> Pitusa Maxi Dress

photo4 Shop >>> MCbJ Dress – available for purchase online in June.

And join me next week for the second part of our Babymoon Style. I am even going to share a bikini belly pic… eek! Something I have not been brave enough to do until baby number 4. I figure I am never doing this again so may as well go for it!

Hope you all enjoy a glorious Memorial Weekend. These sunny images should have you in the mood for some summer fun… yep, that’s right, to some this is considered the first weekend of summer… so ready or not, school free days are almost upon us. Have a wonderful weekend friends! xx

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