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Today we bring you hair tips from one of the best, Noelle Messreni from The Holiday Salon in Costa Mesa, CA.  Because every super mommy needs super hair! xx noelle

1. How long have you been doing hair? What do you love about your job?

I’ve been doing hair for a little over 10 years.  What I love the most is being able to give people the gift of good hair. To teach them how to work with their own texture and how to use the products that will work best for them. No one could ever get my hair right, or showed me how to use product to make my life easier. That is part of why I became a hairdresser, to figure out the mystery. Hair should not be that complicated, and we should all know how to make ourselves look good in a decent amount of time according to our lifestyles.

2. What percentage of your clients are moms?

At LEAST 70% of my clientele are moms.

3. Any hair advice for pregnant mommies?

Don’t do anything drastic. You are in a hormonal time. Keep it simple and pretty. Most pregnant women I have known ( though they look so beautiful to everyone else) feel a little off as their body grows and changes. Not the time to make any rash decisions about your hair. So while your vitamins are making your hair as healthy as ever, go with it. Just do what makes you feel pretty. During pregnancy bangs would be the most drastic decision I would allow in my chair, or a subtle color change.

4. What change do you notice in your clients hair after having children?

Hormone changes can change a persons hair in many different ways. The most common post-birth either during or after breastfeeding is hair loss. One may notice much less to no shedding while pregnant. That hair has to come out sometime and it usually does around or after breastfeeding. Do not be alarmed, extreme shedding is totally normal. Again, this is just most women, not all. It tends to be different for everyone. There are a few great products and shampoos one can use to help that along. Initialiste by Kérastase is a scalp conditioner/ treatment that helps the hair grow in stronger and healthier, and maybe a little faster. Also, the Substantif Shampoo by Kérastase is for hormonally changing hair and can help the hair stay strong and supple.
Other changes in hair that I have seen are texture changes. Straight hair that becomes wavy or curly, or any combination of things like that is totally common.

5. What are your must have products for moms?

First and foremost, A good shampoo and conditioner and a deep conditioning masque to use once a week is a very important foundation for EVERYONE to keep your hair, color treated and not color treated alike, healthy. And believe it or not, the right shampoo and conditioner will make your styling life easier.  Consult your stylist for your personal needs in this area.


  • Supershine Moisturizing Cream by Oribe. It’s a miracle worker. It is a leave in conditioner, a treatment of sorts that repairs lightly as a leave in, a detangler, a shine product, a heat protectant for heat styling, a UV protectant to protect against the sun, and finally a finishing product to add a little shine, weight or separation at the ends to seal them down when it’s dry. A perfect all-in-one for a low maintenance woman who doesn’t want to use a lot of product but needs to tame frizz for an air dry, or have a good conditioning base creme for a blow out. Keeps it healthy. Not too heavy, the weight of it depends on how much you use.


  • Prêt-à-Powder by Bumble and Bumble. A dry “shampoo” of sorts. It’s a delicious smelling powder with shine in it to absorb oil at the roots and give some volume back with out making you look dusty. Great after a work out to be able to go on with the day without having to wash and still look presentable, or on day 2 or 3 of not washing to refresh. Also great for a little grit at the root to hold a braid, bun or pony of any sort.


  • Prep or Tonic by Bumble and Bumble. Both light vitamin sprays used as light detanglers on wet hair. They have a lower PH than water and are both light antiseptics. They both also can be used on the ends of dry hair to reactivate product and refresh your style without getting the hair “wet”. Prep is great if you have bangs and don’t want to wash your hair but your bangs feel dirty. Spray down your bangs and re-blow dry them and they are good as new. Tonic has tea tree oil in it so it may be a little heavy to use to re blow the bangs, but it’s great for the uses above on a dryer texture hair. They are also both great to detangle kids. **Tonic is a bonus with the tea tree oil for kids because Lice hate Tea Tree oil. Add a few more drops of pure tea tree oil to the bottle and spray your kids hair with it every morning before they leave the house. They will be WAY less likely to get lice.


  • Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble. A salty spray to activate waves or curls. Makes for a dry, messy, beach hair like finish. Great for spraying in wet and air drying, or spraying on dry hair to re activate natural or curling ironed curls. Makes hair airy and big. For those who embrace natural messy hair. Also, I like to use it instead of hairspray for hold in most cases. It isn’t crunchy or stiff like hairspray and finishes dry and matte, not shine like hairspray. If you like that kind of thing. Not the greatest for stick straight texture, only if to hold and updo or back combing at the root.


  • Spray à Porter by Kérastase. A great alternative to Surf Spray (for those who like to be a little less dry and  messy, with similar results). Cannot be used as a hair spray like Surf Spray can.


  • Grandiose Mousse by Oribe. For those who blow dry their hair, or get blow outs, and like effortless lasting volume. For thick or fine hair. One of the only products for volume that I’ve noticed actually works on fine hair rather than weighing it down or feeling filmy. Concentrate on roots then pull through ends. Gives lasting volume and actually plumps up the lengths of hair making it feel bigger and “fatter”.  Ah-mazing.

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6. Any product recommendations for summer?

You just want to make sure your hair stays hydrated and your color protected in summer. Culprits are not only the sun but the ocean and swimming pools. Mainly it is important to protect your hair from the water, which you can do by at least getting your hair wet with tap water before you go swimming so the chlorine or salt can not penetrate your hair as much. To really do it right, you can also add a little conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends and just leave it in before and or after you go in the water. Total protection. This method will also help your blonde child’s hair from turning green. Prep and Tonic also work for these things, easy to throw in the beach bag and apply to yours and your child’s hair during sunscreen application.
Then, you just want to support the rest with products containing UV protectants.  There are several great products out there with UV protectants. Finding one that fits your needs should be easy. For example:
Chroma Riche line of Shampoo, Conditioner, Masque and styling products by Kérastase. Rich and hydrating, each protects color from fading, and UV from sun.
Also, almost the entire line of Oribe has UV protectants.
*Non hair recommendations for mommy*
Get your eyebrows and eye lashes tinted. Makes you low maintenance and like you always have at least a little make up on. It is the best.

7. As moms, we are always rushing and have little time to style our hair. Please share with us some ways we can look “fabulous and not frumpy” in a short amount of time.

Here are five of my favorite Mommies and their inspiring easy hairstyles.  All can be done in about 5 minutes. And are all great on dirty hair. Maybe a little back combing at the root. Definitely  Surf Spray, SupershinePrêt-à-Powder, and Prep and Tonic are applicable to all of these styles.


1. The pony tail. High or low, bangs or no bangs, can be totally chic.  Put the pony at any height on your head. Make sure it’s either nice and slick with some prep and a brush. Or back comb and Surf Spray to make it looser. Once rubber band is secure, lightly and equally pull all around to loosen the hair and make it look more voluminous or messy. Finally, grab a strand from the tail and spray it with Surf, wrap it around the rubber band and secure under the tail with a bobby pin.


2. The side braid. Or regular back braid. Do a loose or tight braid. A fishtail if you know how. Keep it tight or once rubber band is secure, start at the bottom of braid and slowly and gently pull apart working up the braid to make it more messy. Start with Prêt-à-Powder and back combing at the root before you braid for a looser messier look. Finish with a little Surf. Leave a long tail un-braided, or hardly any. All ways are good.


3. The high bun. Start the same way as the pony tail. A little back combing at the root will actually make it stay better and go up easier. Again, loose or tight. Then lightly and loosely back comb with a brush the whole pony tail. It will make it super easy to control and put into place, and it will make the bun look bigger. Then lightly smooth into place by lightly placing it where desired around the head, pinning as you go. Finish with hair spray or Surf. For Gwen’s look, do the half loop pony by not pulling the hair all the way through, then with the remaining tail, wrap it around the loop in the same way as above.


4. The double dutch braids. Actually super easy. If you can french braid your own hair that is the ideal but it works well both ways. Hair needs to be past collar bone at least for this style. Either double french or regular pig tail braid your hair split down the middle. Keep the braids close to your ears rather than close to the middle part. Pull one tail up at a time and secure with bobby pins. Spray with hair spray or Surf. This style actually lasts a couple days if slept on a satin pillowcase. I personally think it looks best messy.


5. The half up bun or loop. Can be done in a bun or a loop like Sienna has it. So easy and so cute. Can be done on any length hair. Pull up desired amount and secure on the top of your head. Spray the remainder with Prep and Surf Spray to make the half-down look wavy and messy.


6. Natural curls. If you have 15 mins to curl your hair, the style will usually last a few days on most hair types if slept on a satin pillow case with your hair in a very loose low pony tail. Looks great with a hat or beanie too on day 3 maybe!


with love,


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