Fitness Week: Chic in your Sneaks

Almost everyday I roll out of bed and throw on a workout outfit, get the kids off to school and do some type of quick and effective workout. That workout varies from a jog (sometimes with my humongous, but awesome, BOB stroller) to a Pure Barre class, to spin or to yoga. It all depends on what I have time for or feel like doing that day. I LOVE my workouts… I really do! I even love to run, which is absolute craziness to some people. I didn’t always appreciate my workout time, but after having three kids, it is not only precious it is essential. Definitely an MCbJ must have! And my husband and kids would absolutely say the same thing! Endorphin high mommy is a much nicer and calmer mommy.

Now, I know many of you feel the same way and you make your exercise time a priority. However, for some mommies (especially new ones) it is a struggle to make time for yourself, but you MUST! Trust me, everyone in your family will benefit from a happy and healthy mom.

This is such an important concept that this week on MCbJ we are dedicating to fitness. Today we want to inspire you take the first step (or run 🙂 ) towards a healthier you with this adorably chic workout look. Many of us are motivated by looking chic and working out is no exception. In fact, whenever I get some “sweet new gear”, as my hubby says, I feel a little extra pep in my step.

There are so many companies making stylish workout clothes these days that wearing frumpy sweatpants or “poopy pant” running shorts (you know the ones I am talking about) should NEVER be done. So find yourself some “sweet workout gear” and get moving.  Besides, looking workout chic results in fit chic, which ultimately turns into date night chic… and I know we all want to look fabulous in a LBD and some stunning stilettos! xx



1. Yurbuds Earbuds
2. Lorna Jane Sports Bra
3. Athleta Tank
4. iSlide Wallet Case
5. adidas Jacket
6. adidas by Stella McCartney Tights
7. Nike Running Shoe

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