Party Perfect: Glam Hair DIY courtesy of Style Dose Daily

Today’s post comes from the über chic site, Style Dose Daily that just so happens to have been founded my hair colorist extraordinaire, Erick Orellana . This fabulous site is filled with tips, tricks and the items you need to be the most beautiful you, such as this DIY hair video tutorial. Here, my lovely stylist Nancileee Santos (and fab mommy) shows us just how to achieve those “glammed out sexy waves” that we all want. It’s so good that this a video you are destined to have on repeat… that is until you have it memorized . Thank you, Nancilee, for showing us how to take our glam to the next level! xx

Screen shot 2014-12-10 at 6.28.40 PM




*Hair stylists Erick Orellana & Nancilee Santos work at Sally Hershberger, Los Angeles.

Image and Video Credit: Style Dose Daily


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