Tropical Fever: Wellness Wednesday


Hello holidays! A time we are so busy that fitting in enough sleep seems difficult let alone penciling in a workout. Many of us tend to think if we can’t dedicate an hour to a workout then “what’s the point?” and it gets skipped. However, myself and mommy chic

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Wellness Wednesday: Prevent those Holiday Party Pounds


Now is the time of year that all willpower must be summed up in order to not gain a regretful amount of weight. I get that it is hard! I have often claimed to be part of the “clear your plate club” and this is not good

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Luxe in Layers: Wellness Wednesday


What to wear for a cold weather work out can be a challenge. You start out freezing but before you know it you are sooo hot … unless you’re a crazy enough to go for a run in Chicago during an arctic blast. In which, sweat may

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FALL Back to Basics: Wellness Wednesday with Cortney


As the days turn shorter and the mornings colder it can be hard to motivate for a workout. This is especially true for us outdoor exercisers. Fortunately, fab fitness contributor Cortney is here with her tips and tricks for keeping that motivation. Whether you are running addicted

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Color Me Chic: Wellness Wednesday


Okay ladies, this week is a tough one when it comes to saying “no” to candy. I get it! I have a personal weakness for Swedish Fish and Mike and Ikes. Two of the candies I (of course) had to buy for the trick and treaters. But, isn’t

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Essentially Autumn: Wellness Wednesday with Cortney


Burrr… once the temperature drops it’s hard to motivate for a workout. Especially when you have to bundle up little ones, pile on blankets in the stroller and even battle the wind. Kids require a lot of stuff. So why not find some ways to keep working

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Fit Chic: Q & A with Knocked-Up Fitness Founder Erica Ziel


I recently came across Erica Ziel (a fitness expert and chic mom of three) the same way I find many people and brands: Instagram. Of course, that darling name caught my attention and I then I was inspired to follow one of her videos. Hence, I wanted to learn

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Fit Chic: Pattern Pretty


I will be the first to admit when in comes to workout wear, especially pants, I tend to buy plain black or stick to solid colors. However, in my search to find chic patterns in workout wear, I was pleasantly surprised. With so many fabulous pattern options

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Fab Feet for Fall: Fit Chic Legs

Cameron Diaz

Now that you know the shoes you need this Fall it is time to talk about getting the gams that will be showing them off. MCbJ fitness contributor has the tips you need to strut those stilettos in fit fashion. And nothing goes better together than hot legs and

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Sweater Weather Chic: Workout Wear


Okay, so today’s items are not exactly sweaters (who wants to workout in a sweater anyway??), but they are designed to keep you warm as you hit the streets or drive to the gym.  We know that when the temperature starts to drop it can become difficult

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Wellness Wednesday: Shrug off the Stress


This week as we talk about what’s on your back we can’t ignore the actual back and today we are focused on the backs of our little loves. School, sports and carrying around books is destined to make our kiddos feel some stresses and have tight muscles. I know,

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European Chic: Music You should be Grooving to Now


These are the tunes that are being played in Europe’s hottest vacation destinations right now. And seeing as today is Wellness Wednesday we want to inspire you to get moving. As we have said before, for us “it is all about the music” so download these top

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Tropical Chic: Wellness Wednesday Cardio Myths with Cortney


Seeing as this week is all about looking tropical chic we felt it necessary to bring you some amazing get fit tips so that you are ready to rock the beach in style. Mission accomplished with this cardio myth busting session with MCbJ contributor and fitness guru

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Toddler in Twin Chic Week: Workout Gear


We all have those days where we will be in workout clothes for part of the day, or sometimes even all day. It may not be the most chic way to run around town, but fortunately there are quite a few companies making work out wear that

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Baby in Bassinet Chic Week: Fitspiration with UpLift Owner Valentina Khan


Not only did I attend the University of Southern California with this talented businesswoman and teacher, I also had the opportunity to collaborate with her in a documentary (not yet released) about fitness and pregnancy. Valentina and I were both pregnant at the time- she with her

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Baby on Board Chic Week: Wellness Wednesday with Cortney


Unless otherwise indicated by a doctor, you should continue exercising with your “Baby on Board.” Not only will it help keep your weight gain down, it is good for you and your baby. For me it was also essential for my mental health. As any mom will

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