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Now through Sunday you can save big and score major style with the Bloomingdale’s private sale where you save and get back $25 on every $100. PLUS almost everything here is on sale saving you even more. Below is a list of my top picks to have

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Memorial Day Deals & Steals


DWELL STUDIO: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // ENTER CODE ‘MUSTHAVE‘ FOR 20% OFF PIRAPIR: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 (top & bottom) // ENTER CODE ‘MEMORIAL20‘ FOR 20% OFF WHITNEY EVE: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // ENTER CODE ‘MDWE2015‘

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Mom Crush Monday: Melissa Wang of eden & zoe


Who doesn’t love cashmere? The answer would be no one or at least no friend of mine. ūüôā For me there is nothing as soft and warm – cashmere is the epitome of cozy chic. Now imagine adorable kids clothing made partially with this divine material in

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Pregnancy Style Tour 4.0: Hello Third Trimester!


I can easily say this has been my most challenging pregnancy of all of them.¬†Between the nausea, health scare, work and three other little ones to keep up with I have just felt crummy and exhausted. I know this is a little “complainy”, but with all that

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Happy 1st Birthday MCbJ & Happy Mother’s Day to You!


It’s official we are now one years old! No longer a newborn and headed in to toddlerhood a little stronger and more capable. That’s right I have found that starting a business shares plenty of similarities to having an actual baby. The first year is filled with

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Mom Crush Monday: Aaryn West of Watermelon Moon


Today’s style feature and winner of our “Mom Crush Monday” contest is fabulous momprenuer Aaryn West, owner and designer for Watermelon Moon. The L.A. based designer creates kids clothing that is uniquely adorable, comfortable and environmentally friendly. Not only is her creativity inspirational, but also her words

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My Baby Turns Two


“The days are long, but the years are short.” I can’t remember who said this to me, when or where, but it is a statement I will never forget. This idea, a rather sister statement to the well known “time flies when you are having fun” points

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Pregnancy Style Tour 4.0: Weeks 27-28


Our recent (quick) trip up to Santa Barbara was extra special for a couple reasons. First, I finally was able to see a gorgeous avocado property that my husband has been talking for a year. And, second, it was precious time for my hubby with his two

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Eco-Fabulous: Little Loves


In celebration of our gorgeous Mother Earth we have selected a few of our favorite Eco- Friendly brands and online stores. And with items this cute it should be easy to do something good for our world! xx  1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5, 6

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Pregnancy Style Tour 4.0: Weeks 26-27 // Palm Desert Style


Baby is growing, growing, growing and it’s not the only one. As I look as these photos from our trip to Palm Desert I can’t believe how old these “babies” are looking. I love each stage they enter, but I still get emotional about the one they

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Fave 5 Friday


I don’t know about you, but everything here makes me smile. Why you ask? Simply because they all say to me “fun in the sun” and for me that is one of the best possible ways to spend the day. Wishing you all a weekend filled with

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Spotlight: May Kurniawan of Pirapir


Sometimes you come across a clothing line and you know it is something special. Maybe it was one piece that caught your eye or perhaps it was a whole collection. For today’s brand Spotlight on Pirapir it was a little of both. Then, to add to this,

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Easter 2015


I love Easter clothes… For me, for the hubby but especially for the kiddos! I start thinking about what they will wear weeks in advance: a) because it goes with the job description and, b) because I truly enjoy looking at all the adorable things out there.

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Spotlight: Jennifer Hartford of Noble Carriage


I was introduced to Noble Carriage and Jen Hartford a couple months ago through a mutual friend. I was immediately impressed by both her message and the quality of items available on her online shop. Naturally the MCbJ readers had to know about Noble Carriage. So, mommies

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Pregnancy Style Tour 4.0: Weeks 24-25


A quick little catnap between events… I will hold this in my heart forever! Other than my first look all images are from my quick trip up to San Francisco with my little girl. We went to SF for a wedding shower weekend celebration with all the

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Pregnancy Style Tour 4.0: 23-24 Weeks


So, I am currently sitting on the floor outside of my hotel room in San Francisco where I just arrived for a family wedding shower weekend with all the ladies. Seeing as my little Isabelle is a lady, she made the trip as well. Which leads me

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