Hello 2015: Get Fitspired with Feel Good Resolutions

I love that fitness contributor Cortney is giving us real advice on how to start out the New Year in a way that will not only help us look better, but feel better too. After reading this I plan to stretch a little longer and setup a walk & talk with a girlfriend. Both are healing and enjoyable – not a bad way to start the New Year! Thanks, Cort! xx 

stretch Wow, time flies when you’re having fun! This past year has been incredibly rewarding, eye opening and busy. Athletically I became a spin and yoga instructor at YAS and accomplished my running goal of 13 miles. These tasks still challenge me daily. I’m just like you and need a little motivation at times. Sometimes it’s pulling up my cutest flower spin pants, but most of the times it’s knowing how proud I’ll be of myself for finishing my daily workout.

Lately, I have noticed a few areas of weakness in my fitness routine and I thought tackling these weaknesses would be the perfect goals for the New Year!

I have to admit I’m self-motivated when it comes to breaking a sweat. I’m addicted to the endorphins from an intense butt kicking. However, I’m horrible at STRECHING afterwards. Ugh, it’s slow, it hurts and it takes time that I don’t have. So, my first New Year’s Resolution is to stretch for 10 minutes a day. Here are a few simple effective stretches for you to try.

forwardbend Forward Bend– Stand tall with your feet hip distance apart and hinge at the hip, letting your head, neck and arms hang loose. Repeat twice.

forwardfold Forward Fold– Sit with your legs out in front of you, and with your exhale fold forward. Repeat twice.

pigeon Pigeon– Bring your right leg in front of you with your knee bent and shin parallel to a yoga mat, extend your other leg behind you and straighten it. Fold forward. Stay here 3 mins. Repeat on opposite leg.

My second resolution is easy. I used to meet friends for a “walk and talk” everyday when our kids were little. It was easy then; put the munchkins in a stroller and give them a donut. Done. But now, scheduling becomes a nightmare. For 2015, I’d like to add a weekly “walk and talk” with a friend. Just once a week. Simple. Reach out, make it happen and connect with a bestie.

Happy Healthy New Year!

with love,


Image Credit: Pinterest
cortney Cortney Taketa is YAS spin instructor, and a fabulous mommy of three. For more fitness tips by Cortney, check out her other posts here.

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