Pregnancy Style Tour 4.0: Weeks 16-17

You know those weeks where no matter how you organized you are things consistently go wrong. No incident on its own was that big of deal, but when minor hiccup after minor hiccup occur for a couple days in a row it can put one a little on edge. So that was me this week, and I apologize to anyone that had any sort of brief, frantic contact with me this week. In fact, I commented to a friend that I was having “one of those weeks” and she reminded me “it was only Tuesday”. Yikes!

Well, here I am on “only Wednesday” doing a brief style recap before I resume packing for tomorrow’s trip to Paris. So here we go, let’s talk fashion!

Black leggings + black long tank + tall black boots + plus scarf  = CHIC . Every time. It is one that can be worn anytime of year, but in winter requires a stylish coat. To keep it from being “too black” I like to add in color by way of scarf and/or jacket. In this case I wore my beautiful new Alexander McQueen scarf that was a recent birthday gift from two impeccably stylish and generous friends. Don’t you just love that combo in a friend? 🙂

Oh and the arm candy? It is one accessory that was not coming with me to dinner, but as you have noticed by now she won’t pass up a photo op with mommy. I might be creating quite the little diva!

pic1 pic3 Shop >>> Sam Edelman Boots
Shop >>> Alexander McQueen Scarf
Shop >>> Zara Hooded Cape


Here I am on “only Monday” running around like a chicken with my head cut off as I realized that perhaps I had not planned ahead as much as I had thought for my upcoming trip. However, at least I had something cute on as I raced from one thing to another helping me appear less crazed than I felt. Scarily, if how I was feeling on the inside was matching the outside I might have still been wearing pajamas and uggs with an eye mask as headband…  that would not have been very Mommy Chic, but rather Mommy 0h-Sh*t. Sorry, mom! You know I rarely swear, but that one was too good to pass up:).

And…moving on! In this look it is the accessories that make the outfit, especially this fabulous vegan fringe bag from Free People. Best of all it only cost $88. No one would ever guess that! Fringe is a major trend for bags this year. A recent trip to Barney’s revealed designer handbag after designer handbag adorned with fringe. Now while I think the occassional fringe is fun when paired with a Boho chic look I am not sure it is a bag I would splurge on. I tend to leave that for the classics. However, we should all still have some “on-trend” fun, and well priced bags like this one make it possible.  pic4 pic5 Shop >>> Mango Dress (sold out – similar here & here)
Shop >>> Free People Vegan Fringe Tote (shown in Navy)
Shop >>> Sam Edelman Booties

Recently, I bought new workout clothes and this has not happened for quite some time. I love the basic (mostly) black items I do have so I felt no need to make any additions. Well, that was until I was browsing Nordstrom online and came across these pants. I loved the thigh high sock look (all one piece) and I decided that I needed to add a little color to my workout looks. I am glad I did because I can tell you these might be the best pants ever made! Why? Because other than looking cute, they are SLIMMING. Yes, really they suck you in, but are still comfortable. In fact, my four year-old kept saying to me “why are you so skinny mommy?”. OMG that made this pregnant ladies day!! I might just order 10 more pairs!

I also want to give a quick shout out for The Bar Method. I have been taking bar classes for about 5 years now and I love them. I have gone to quite a few different bar studios and have enjoyed them all. This one happens to be down the street from me in West LA. I love the teachers and the classes. The low impact toning exercises are ideal for anyone, but especially for a pregnant woman. I also can’t say enough about the stretching component as it has helped me deal with low back pain in the past couple pregnancies.  pic6 pic7
Shop >>> Alo Ribbed Leggings (shown in neon azalea)
Shop >>> Zella Crisscross Tank

I wanted to end with this picture not because I think anyone needs my old hoodie, a child’s size Kings jersey or to see me up close without makeup, but because it is a moment of pure joy. This is my little guy that always makes my day brighter. He is an eternal optimistic with infectious enthusiasm. He came with me to my recent ultrasound and we snapped a selfie in the waiting room to send to “Daddy” who was in Berlin for work. With this pregnancy being my fourth both my sons are in on the ultrasound fun. I love it. In fact, Tommy had all of us laughing so hard that I had to ask him to stop talking so my belly would be still. As my husband and I always say “we want to be more like Tommy”. I am sure everyone has that child or the qualities in each or our children that we admire. Isn’t it just amazing!?! We work so hard to teach them, but they teach me all the time without even trying.

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