Mom Crush Monday: Lindsay Buckley of SoulCycle

I have been crushing on this mommy since I started taking her class at Soul Cycle Santa Monica 4 months ago. I was immediately drawn to her enthusiasm, teaching style and “words of wisdom”. Then I found out she was even pregnant and I was in love:). She was just the physical and emotional inspiration I needed at a time was I feeling a little down. Everytime I would take her class I felt better inside and out! Lindsay has a true gift! And now she is about to get the greatest gift of all in her first baby!!! She is just a few weeks away from her due date… although one would never guess that based on her energy and fit little bod. Lindsay, I am so excited for you and thrilled to feature you as our “MOM CRUSH MONDAY”. xx  lindsay1
MCbJ: When did you start become an instuctor for SoulCycle and what was your inspiration?
LB: I took my first class in Brentwood in October of 2012, and knew that SoulCycle and I were a great fit. I had been working in marketing and PR, and was looking for something different. A career in fitness had always been a dream! I remember thinking that if I could do something I loved (while making money!) and stay active, then I had hit the jackpot!

MCbJ: Where do you come up with your “words of wisdom” that always seem to hit right on point for me and many others?
LB: Before every class, I take a few minutes to “prep” mentally. Some days are deeper than others, and I like to keep it natural. I always use real life stuff – like a conversation with my sister or experience with a friend – to relate to my riders. Also, reading the room has become something I find imperative – you can tell how your riders are feeling simply by how they walk in the studio! From there, as cheesy as it probably sounds, I guess I just speak from the heart.

MCbJ: You are pregnant with your first baby. What are some of the challenges you have faced physically and emotionally?
LB: I have been incredibly blessed to have a great first experience with pregnancy. Of course, there are challenges, but ultimately, I feel like I’ve lucked out. One thing that was a surprise was how insanely exhausted I was in the first trimester. Once the tiredness seemed to wear off, I felt fantastic – I was riding my bike about 9 times a week, running 3 days a week, making dinner, cleaning the house and feeling emotionally elated. Then, 28 weeks hit, and it hit HARD. I started having some complications and was reluctantly removed from any/all physical activity (doctor’s orders!). This change challenged me physically, but moreover, tested me emotionally. These past 2 weeks, I have been pushed to get creative and to find purpose outside of what I’ve known for so long.

photo-1-6 MCbJ: Have you continued to workout your whole pregnancy? What modifications have you made?
LB: Until last week, I have been working out consistently throughout my pregnancy, and felt great while doing so. The major modification I made was being aware of my temperature. I used to love a hot workout, but now, I am quick to get the fans going, drink more water, and take a quick recovery to cool down for a minute.

MCbJ: What advice do you have for new expecting moms that want to stay fit during their pregnancy?
LB: I would advice expecting moms to do whatever it is you do – stay practical. If you dance, get your low-impact hip hop on; if you practice yoga, find a prenatal class; if you walk, take your iPod and go. It’s important to do what you enjoy and to listen to your body while doing so. Now is not the time to train for your first marathon or pick up cardio bar class.

MCbJ: What do you love about your job?
LB: Gosh, I could go on forever. I love being able to literally dance at work. I love my riders – getting to know, respect and develop real friendships with them. I love that my job is one where I am being as healthy as possible. I love that I can be a very involved mom while thriving at work. I love that my family can come to my workplace and experience so much joy. I love that my career opens doors for me to do something with true meaning.


MCbJ: How would you describe your own personal style?
LB: I’d say I am SoCal – bohemian with a little bit of spunk. I like comfortable summer clothes (overalls, rompers, sundresses) with a little edge.

Get your workout ON with Lindsay’s playlist.

Lindsay Buckley, born and raised in Southern California, has always been a fan of living an active lifestyle. As a little one, she played every sport possible and couldn’t be bothered to sit down. Lindsay continued to move at USC where she ran cross country and track. Upon graduation, she ventured to a SoulCycle class and knew immediately that she belonged there. After a few months of riding, she made the leap to become an instructor. In the midst of finding her passion, Lindsay also married her dream guy and best friend; moved to Santa Monica and is currently pregnant with her first. Her zest for life radiates in her classes, blog, and personality.

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