Beauty Week: Spring Make-Up Chic with Lynn Simpson

So excited to have the talented and chic make-up artist Lynn Simpson giving the MCbJ followers make-up tips for Spring! Not only has she taken me from frumpy to fabulous on countless occasions, I also had the privilege of styling the product shoot for her company Delilah Beauty. She is Ah-mazing as an artist, person and mommy (her little princess is sooo cute). Enjoy her make-up tips of wisdom! xx

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1. What are your mommy beauty essentials?

I think it’s important for mommies to have a fresh easy look for every day. So my must haves start with skin care and include moisturizer with sunscreen (two for one is always a plus and a mommy time saver), eye cream to help those tired eyes look less puffy. A monthly facial is a bonus to help maintain youthful healthy skin.

2. Tell us how to perfect a flawless looking skin.

With makeup, I definitely go by the philosophy of less is more. Start with a luminous makeup primer like the Nars Radiance Primer SPF 15. If you don’t even have time for foundation this primer will give you that glow that everyone wants. Then blend a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream like Too Faced Tinted Beauty Balm SPF 20 all over the face to lightly even out your skin.
For more coverage I love Chanel Vitalumiere. Then dab concealer where you need it most to highlight dark circles under the eyes or hide blemishes on the skin. My favorite is from Cle de Peau. You can finish with a translucent powder to set if you’re on the oily side or no powder if you like more of a dewy glow. It’s that simple and achievable in less than 5 minutes!

3. What are the makeup trends for Spring?

You are seeing Radiant Orchid everywhere in makeup as well as in fashion.  You will see it in everything from eye shadow, blush and lipstick. So to try out this beautiful color in your makeup: sweep a satin or shimmery eye shadow over the lid for a wash of color that‘s not too overwhelming or garish looking.  Finish with black or even navy mascara to really make your eyes pop. You are also seeing beautiful luminous skin, bright sheer veils of color on the cheeks and lips and bronzy contour.

4. What products do you love for this Spring?

I am really into cream blush right now- whether in bright peony pinks or deeper sand bronzes. I love the sheer veil of color you can achieve with it, and the velvety texture is so yummy feeling on the skin. The Nars Radiance Primer that I mentioned earlier is an obsession of mine. It really gives you that perfect luminous glow that you wish you woke up with.


5. As a mom, we often have very little time to get ready. What are your tips for looking polished in a short amount of time?

Since I have long hair I love to curl it a bit at night or wear it in a bun, so in the morning I can let it down and I have instant wave and some volume.  Definitely focus on your best features and perfect any trouble spots. Most of my clients always complain about dark circles under the eyes. So if that’s your thing, then focus on that. Dab on a little concealer under the eyes, and apply a tinted moisturizer or BB Cream all over the face to even out the complexion. Mascara will always perk up your eyes so it’s definitely a must. A little blush or bronzer on the cheeks to give your face a little life, maybe your favorite lipstick or gloss and you’re good to go.

6. How has your makeup routine changed since becoming a mom?

Oh yes! I’ve realized that on some days makeup is just not gonna happen, and that’s ok! So when I do have some time it’s definitely not a lot. I’ve learned that I may not have time for primer, foundation, concealer and powder. So instead I might just conceal under the eyes apply my radiant primer and be done with it. I still cannot leave without mascara though! It helps me feel awake.


7. Your little girl is adorable! Has she started to play with mommy’s makeup yet?

Oh thank you! She is so fun right now. She’s crawling everywhere and trying to get into everything. She has found my bathroom cabinet where my makeup is, but she hasn’t started playing with it quite yet. I can’t wait for that though!

8. You recently created your own body bronzer and lipgloss. Tell us about them. Why do you think lipgloss and bronzer are essentials?

I did! My product line is called Delilah Beauty, and I started with my Shimmer Chic Luminous Body Lotion because as a Makeup Artist I just couldn’t find any product out there that had the right amount of shimmer and bronzer. I’m all about glowy healthy looking skin from head to toe. So this body bronzer gives you just that. You can wear it every day or whenever you’re showing a little skin. It’s great on your arms and legs. It’s perfect if you want to look better naked! The Luxe Lips lip glosses are amazing as well. They come in great shades that are so wearable and feel amazing on the lips. They’re not sticky at all and give you great color that lasts even after the gloss fades.

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