Pregnancy Style Tour 4.0 : Weeks 11 to 13

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As many of you already know I am pregnant with my 4th baby. It was a surprise and a little shocking at first, but now we are excited. After having my third child I didn’t quite feel done. However, life had been so busy that I started to think it would just be too difficult to add in another child. Well, surprise! Since I don’t think my husband and I would have made the decision to try for a fourth it is a good thing that the decision was taken out of our hands because we couldn’t be happier now.

I just had the end of my first trimester ultrasound on January 8th (my birthday:) ) and it brought tears of joy to my face. What a birthday present to see this beautiful, healthy child wiggling around in my belly. The joy truly never gets old! The joy I felt seeing baby number four is the same joy I felt baby number one. The doctor also figured out that I may be a week further along than originally thought, so my July 22nd due date may be more like July 15th (TBD at my next ultrasound). I had suspected this from the beginning since, well, I know when we could have actually gotten pregnant. Plus, this has happened in previous pregnancies because I am a tad irregular. Anyway, I will take it since this means one less week of being pregnant and I am not one of those people that “loooves” being pregnant. To me it isn’t the worse thing but also not the best. This is especially true the fourth time around when I have three other children to take care of and I am tired! At least the worse of the sick part is over and just like the baby is starting to look like human, I , too, am starting to feel like one. Hallelujah!

Now, let’s talk fashion! A changing body (and mood!) can make it difficult to decide what it is you want to wear. Some days you feel cute (especially after the bump begins to show) and other days, ugh! You just feel like being in pj’s all day. Unfortunately, the pj’s thing is likely not an option if you have to go to work or have other children to tote around. So, you have to figure out something to put on. While it might be tempting to just put on whatever baggy clothing item you stumble across I want you to show restraint. There are enough ways to still look chic and be comfortable while pregnant. Plus, I promise you that while you may or may not be feeling beautiful, a darling pregnancy look will make you feel better about yourself. Even if it is just a tiny bit, it is worth it.

And this time around I am going to put my money where my mouth is by documenting my pregnancy style from now until postpartum. I will do a weekly recap of my looks each week. Some items will still be available for purchase, while others should just give outfit inspiration. Also, keep in mind that the majority of the clothing I wear is not maternity, but rather just loose fitting or regular clothing that I size up in. So, even if you are not an expecting mom you may still find something you like. This is particularly applicable when it comes to accessories, which also happens to be the only area I will still occasionally splurge on while pregnant. After all, a chic pair of shoes or fabulous handbag really do make the bump look all that much cuter… or at least that is what I tell the hubby. 🙂

So here’s hoping you find a little fashion inspiration and fun as you join me in my pregnancy style tour 4.0!!

Weeks 11 to 13

Christmas Day Dinner: Many times we see something online that looks beautiful and when it arrives it does not live up to its online appearance. This was certainly not the case with this Erin Fetherston dress. It completely exceeded my expectations. At a time where I felt sick and bloated this gown was just what I needed to pick me up.  It is amazing what a fabulous dress can do for your spirits. And on a side note, I ordered this dress from Anthropologie where I have recently found so many cute things that have all lived up to their online appearance.
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Sunday morning after going to church: Today I put my first “pregnancy style” post on Instagram. The loose tunic does not allow for my tummy to show at all but at this stage that is fine by me. It is still questionable whether I am indeed pregnant or just drank a little too much eggnog. This is a dress/top that I will wear throughout my pregnancy as it can grow with me. I encourage you to think that way from the beginning of your pregnancy.
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Beach day with the boys: Recently I have really gotten in to kimonos as there are so many cute ones available right now. They are such a chic way to add style to an otherwise plain outfit, pregnant or not. Another bonus to wearing them while pregnant is that they do cover up the bum. I don’t know about you, but mine always expands along with my hips during pregnancy and I am happy to cover it up!
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Casual Wednesday: On a recent trip to the family avocado ranch in Ventura County, I had to swing by the Target in Oxford to get heaters and humidifiers. Well, as usual, I left with about 20 other things that I never knew I needed. However, a few of them were amazing style steals like this sheer paneled sweater below. It looks perfect with a black tank underneath it. I did not buy it big so I don’t expect to fit for much longer in pregnancy but at least I did not pay too much for it. I encourage you to look for style steals throughout your pregnancy as many of the items you buy while pregnant you will not want to wear once you have your body back.
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Admittedly, this might be one of my “cheesiest” photos but I really was feeling happy. Something about a sunny California day, my new favorite smoothie the “Pink Flamingo” from Nekter Juice Bar and the fact that I do not want to throw up every second anymore is the reason for my grin.
Birthday lunch: On January 8th, I celebrated my birthday in the best way. I went to a spin class that morning (my second in 3 months) followed by a joyous ultrasound and lunch with my oldest child/little man, Jay. My hubby came to the doctor’s appointment, but had to get back to work so it was just Jay and I. I told him we were going to be “fancy” since it was my birthday and we headed to Bouchon in Beverly Hills. We sat at the more casual cafe and I had the most delightful lunch with my 7 year old. He brought his best manners and I got so much pleasure from watching him try hard to be a “grown up.” He was the perfect date and unlike my hubby, he would even split an entree with me. 🙂   hat Shop >> Floppy Brim Hat (love this one too)

Birthday dinner: On the evening of my birthday it was my hubby’s turn for some one on one attention. We celebrated by going to one of our favorite restaurants in Venice, Gjelina. A casual chic restaurant that is a guaranteed delicious meal every time, it is a “go-to” for us. It is one of those places with a lot of small plate options, perfect for sharing- my type of ordering as I like to try a little of everything. And everything I almost ordered. My appetite is back and back in a big way, and we celebrated by ordering our little hearts out. I may not have been able to drink a fabulous bottle of wine but at least I could eat again. It’s the small victories, right!?! And speaking of small victories, that is how I felt about these shoes.

After our lovely lunch at Bouchon, I convinced my son to do a little shopping with me, which meant he was really trying to make my birthday special as I usually can’t get this guy in the door of a department store. So, we headed down Wilshire to Neiman Marcus where I was in search of a new fabulous pair of sunglasses. Well, I found those and these shoes.  It just so happened that Neiman’s was having their big shoe sale and these little guys were sitting there all alone in my size just waiting for me. I couldn’t say no to such a deal. It was like Neiman’s itself was saying, Happy Birthday! Clearly meant to be, I walked away wondering how my birthday could get any better. Yet, better it did get as I charged my dead phone to find messages of birthday love. Nothing like a birthday to remind you of how blessed you are by amazing family and friends. There is not greater gift than that!

PS- my head needed to be cut off in this photo – my big, “I am happy” smile looked more like a big, “I am crazy” smile, and that is a little secret I would like to keep to myself. 🙂
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The outtake: I just had to include this final image. It is my version of the comical outtake. This was taken before the photo you saw above. We had just gotten back from church and I wanted my hubby to snap a quick pic of what I was wearing so I could share this tunic find with you all. Well, as is everything when it comes to children, it was not that simple. When I want them in photos they don’t want to be in them but when I ask them (politely, of course :)) to please “get out of the way,” this is what happens. C’est la vie!

With love,  
Jess kids

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