A Thanksgiving with Style by Kathryn Miller

I imagine there are many of you that already have every little thing planned out for Thanksgiving… then there are the rest of us that are either going somewhere for the feast, or are still pulling together ways to make it special in your own home. Regardless of where you fall, today Kathryn is showing us ways to add some fun, beautiful and easy ways to make your Thanksgiving more memorable. So breathe, you still have six days to pull it all together and these tips are bound to help. Have a beautiful weekend! xx  unnamed Photo Credit: @bacekamp

This Thanksgiving, we are trekking the kids to Arizona to hang out with my fam! Since everyone stays relatively busy we decided not to fuss too much with decorations this year. This year, my mom also delegated assignments to each person coming to the house for Thanksgiving (except for little Charles) to get everyone in the sharing spirit:

Parke | Order the Thanksgiving dinner that we did last year (which, for you Phoenicians…this is the best kept secret: The Phoenician will make you a Thanksgiving feast that you can pick up the day of Thanksgiving at a time you prefer!! More on that below, should you want the extra details).

Kathryn | Bring the usual homemade holiday snacks: sausage balls, Chex Mix, peanut butter, chocolate fudge, etc.

Eloise | Table Decorations (in addition to picking flowers from the yard when we arrive).

Mike/Dad | Select the wine for the dinners and a signature cocktail for Friday brunch after Thanksgiving.

Nicholas and Candice | Choose and make the Brunch for the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Chris/Mom | Get the rest of the groceries, get rooms ready, and all the rest of the “Mom” duties.

unnamed1 Since five and a half year old Eloise is doing the tablescape for Thanksgiving, we decided we’d keep it fun and colorful! First, we made construction paper chains for the center of the table and the cased door openings.  Second, we went to Target. They had some reeeeeally cute Thanksgiving crafts, which was perfect for our situation and made it all so much easier (they’re at the end aisle in the section with the cards and wrapping papers at our Target).

> — We got a pack of the of paper place mats – which, she colored and painted the turkeys for each when we got home (well… slowly, over the whole week).

> — She put together each place card and wrote everyone’s name on them.

> — We’re bringing any Fall craft she did/does at school to tape up on the walls.

> — And then the fun honeycomb pull out decorations!

> I’m very excited to see how cute it all looks put together when we get there. Plus, we made sure everything we got travels well and don’t take up much space.

 So, back to this amazing secret Phoenician deal that we did last year. It’s $225 INCLUDING a cooked, full turkey and something along the lines of: stuffing, yams, green beans, salads, rolls, pumpkin pie, and pecan pie, etc. It’s not advertised so you have to call to see all of the offerings this year. But it fed 8 people with left overs. We also bought a honey baked ham, made scalloped potatoes and a hominy casserole. We did not want to spend the short time we get to be together having lots of clean up and time off in the kitchen. So this is a perfect solution for us – and it was DELICIOUS!
Photo Credit: The Phoenician

with love,

Kathryn Kathryn completed her degree in Interior Design at the University of Alabama and then worked for award-winning interior designer Charlotte Comer of Charlotte Comer Interiors and Collectibles in Dallas, Texas. Kathryn believes the influence of the California lifestyle and the coast’s natural beauty has augmented her passion to bring beauty and balance into the home. For more information, check out Katheryn Miller Interiors & Design. For more design tips by Kathryn, click here.

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