COZY Chic: Home Decor with Kathryn Miller

These cozy home decor picks from MCbJ contributor Kathryn Miller will have you ready to bundle with your babe(s). So whether you live in the practically season-less So Cal or  your are preparing for a frost filled winter these fabulous touches will have you looking forward to a night in… that is once the kids are asleep.  Enjoy!  xx

As a Southern California transplant, I struggle with the Fall and Winter “seasons” here (oh, I know, booooo hooooo) BUT the struggle is r-e-a-l. The constant 74 degree weather has me missing the South sometimes. One way I’ve tried to embrace the warmer weather holidays here is to use a palm tree as our Christmas tree. But to this day, I’m still unable to convince my traditional-born-and-raised-in-Alabama husband to let us hang our family ornaments on a rad palm tree, so a traditional evergreen it shall be (though I can see him slowly thinking the palm is really an awesome and logical idea!!).

Whenever I start to long for some bone freezing weather, I refer back to comedian Daniel Tosh’s stand-up take on the people that hate on SoCal’s “lack of seasons”: “People always say, ‘I couldn’t live in California cause I love seasons too much,’ yeah, I do too. That’s why I live in a place that skips the sh*tty ones.” This makes me laugh and puts it all in perspective. Yeah, I can take the constant perfect weather; I only like the cold for 1 week anyway.

Regardless, I still like to get myself cozy and wrap up in a house that oozes comfort and warmth. I also always try to consider designing spaces that “Christmas” well. You know what I mean…. spaces that transform immediately from summer-chic to holiday-hip right after you throw in your evergreen tree palm tree, traditional ornaments, holiday pillows, stockings and the rest.

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*A few tips: 

–I am usually against a painted accent wall BUT I am all for a wallpapered accent wall if need be (as long as the remaining walls are a coordinating color from the paper, preferably either the darkest or lightest value from the paper, depending on paper/pattern). It’s also a low budget add that delivers a big bang.
–If you have a hallway with a series of overhead can lighting – I suggest replacing the cans with decorative semi flush-mount lighting. It gives your hallway that designer element and is fairly inexpensive.
–Bar stools! Most people have an island in their kitchen – and adding some current, statement bar stools are a major plus.


with love,


Kathryn Kathryn completed her degree in Interior Design at the University of Alabama and then worked for award-winning interior designer Charlotte Comer of Charlotte Comer Interiors and Collectibles in Dallas, Texas. Kathryn believes the influence of the California lifestyle and the coast’s natural beauty has augmented her passion to bring beauty and balance into the home.  For more information, check out Katheryn and Katheryn Miller Interiors & Design.  For more design tips by Kathryn, click here.


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