Welcoming 2016 from Montecito

Christmas break this year was a whirlwind of travel, gifts, parties and activities. It was tons of fun, but it was exhausting at the same time. We traveled from LA to Newport Beach and back two times, then it was on to San Diego for a family reunion and finally ending our trip in Santa Barbara where we rang in the New Year with good friends! It was quite a bit of packing and unpacking for a family of 6 plus a dog, but the amazing memories, experiences and bonding made the efforts well worth it (I can say that now with conviction after a few days of rest. :)!)

Today I am sharing a few photos from our time in Montecito (Santa Barbara) a place very special to us as we lived there for the first year and half of marriage. It is also where our first baby was born and spent the first year of his life. Thus, this gorgeous city will forever hold a special place in our hearts. In addition to sharing a few of our vacation and New Year’s looks I also want to mention a few of my Montecito favorites.

To do:

Butterfly Beach

The running or biking path from Butterfly Beach that runs all the way to the Santa Barbara Pier

The Santa Barbara Zoo

To Eat:

Trattoria Mollie (famous for their meatballs)

Cava (the anaheim chile appetizer and a mojito are not to be missed)

Jeannine’s (the best breakfast or brunch spot in town)

Scoops– gelato not to be missed

Bar at the Biltmore for sunset cocktails and late night music

To Wear:

Wendy Foster


To Stay:

Four Seasons Biltmore

The Montecito Inn


Ready to welcome in the New Year! This crew knows how to party:)

On Jess: Zara Skirt (unavailable; similar here)
On Jay: Vince Kids Sweater
On Tommy: Gap Kids Plaid Shirt (unavailable; similar here & here)
On Elle: Miss Blumarine Dress (unavailable; similar here)
On Jamie: Vince Men Shirt (unavailable; similar here, here & here (major sale alert!))
On Amalia: Bloomie’s Tutu Dress

What an amazing way to start the New Year! A sunset like this and dolphin spotting with dear friends.

Everyone wanted a picture with the 2016 hologram. It didn’t matter that we had to lay on the ground… all though we did get a few funny looks. C’est La Vie!

Bellinis poolside? YES PLEASE

Patiently waiting for a seagull with the “Seagull Catcher” his big brother created… wonder why he is not sitting there?? 😉

And it is hard to see, but those are fries a the end of the rope.

Hot Tubbing at the Coral Casino

Because in another life I was a QB (the front lawn of The Four Seasons Biltmore)

Butterfly Beach

This trail makes running (or biking) such a treat and an fabulous way to start the new year! 

Happy 2016 sweet friends!! xx Jess

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