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Today, interior design contributor Kathryn Miller takes us on a magical journey through a nursery she recently designed for a client. As already discussed this week, we love the bohemian chic look in clothing and we feel the same when it comes to decor. Kathryn truly has nailed “California Casual” as she calls it with this gorgeous nursery. That baby is a lucky one! And so are we taking inspo from someone so talented. Thanks, K! xx

I want to talk to you this week about nurseries. Currently, several good friends are with child and I’ve been helping them with their nurseries. Most of them are pregnant with their very first child, so we’re not dealing with hand-me-down rooms and hand-me-down furniture. They are all blank slates.

Typically, people base the primary color of their nurseries according to gender (pink or blue) or gender neutral (green, yellow, grey). The result can be absolutely beautiful but there has also been a total shift in not making the traditional “baby nursery” anymore. The main reason I love this shift is because it is just plain economical and it often makes sense. Professionally designed nurseries are expensive. Period. Just because it’s a baby room doesn’t mean that the room costs any less to design and the furniture does not come with a “baby” price tag. You can go the more cost-effective route by purchasing from larger distributers (e.g. IKEA, Land of Nod, etc.) or you can go pricier with all designer grade finishes (custom paper, custom drapes, luxury bedding, furniture, etc.). The reason that this shift is economical is because a baby is not a baby for long. That baby becomes a toddler who becomes a three year old, and the nursery now needs to be transformed into a “big kid” room. So why not design and spend that initial money on creating something that begins as a cool, awesome, and functional room for a child – not just for an infant?

To give an idea of this new shift… here is a design board I recently sent off to one of my grooviest of clients. You know the one… the one that let us do those cool, colorful cement tiles in their master bathroom. So, naturally, they would like to have a rad baby room where the family can hang out. Their new nursery looks directly onto the new succulent filled backyard that we did and the room is filled with sunshine all day. What a dream nursery to start with! The organ pipe cactus art, which was curated by bacekamp for us, was the jump start for the room.
Nursery Board1

This mentioned client sent me several images of her dream “nursery”: All with a wonderful boho look. And I must admit, a few years ago, I couldn’t tell if this California “boho” look would stick around. I thought if I saw one more ironic arrow or highway trading post fringed hat I might burst with irony myself (there is only so much irony one can take, and it was everywhere I looked…so try and cut me a little slack). But over the last couple of years the boho look has refined itself beautifully (arrows and all!): evolving into a California Casual (if that’s not a term yet- can I claim it?) that has clean tailored lines, minimal “distractions,” and collected travel items (that are thoughtfully placed in the space…which is key). And according to NYFW – boho is here to stay for the rest of the year (with Mara Hoffman really nailing this tailored boho look) – so have a little fun with it in your home and/or nursery. The worn-in-casual look is perfect for families- whether you’re a true “wanderer” or not.

A few items to lust over:
sKout || Mudcloth Pillows

Mai Fujiwara || Because, when is giving your child the hope to have extra peaceful dreams ever a risk?

Kathryn Kathryn completed her degree in Interior Design at the University of Alabama and then worked for award-winning interior designer Charlotte Comer of Charlotte Comer Interiors and Collectibles in Dallas, Texas. Kathryn believes the influence of the California lifestyle and the coast’s natural beauty has augmented her passion to bring beauty and balance into the home. For more information, check out Katheryn Miller Interiors & Design. For more design tips by Kathryn, click here.

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