Baptism Style & Amalia’s Special Day

Since we recently celebrated our little Amalia’s baptism it was a topic fresh on my brain. So today I wanted to share a little from the special day as well as my picks for the best in christening gowns, rompers and gifts. If you want to get right to shopping (I get it-lol!) just scroll down, but don’t miss the baby shoes though! These make for an amazing gift. My mom has gifted them to my children and I still have them from when I was born! Thank you for virtually sharing in our memorable day. 🙂 xx Jess

Ready for Ama’s special day. // Jessica’s Dress by Kendall + Kylie (also seen in this post)

Someone was the life of the party, smiling and laughing at everyone behind her.

One of the most memorable moments of the day was when Jay was chosen from the audience to do the reading because the adult reader had not shown up. What a treasured memory for all us!

I just love everything about this photo. I can see he is so proud of himself. What a gift to his sister!

Amalia is blessed to have these two as godparents!

The shoes my mom gave her when she was born. Thankfully they fit perfectly for her special day.  They make for a fabulous gift. Info here

These two look so much a like and already have a special bond.

So grateful to spend this day with my parents, kiddos and the rest of the family (not pictured). Amalia is a lucky lady!

It was quite amusing watching Ama try to crawl in her long gown.

Someone was a little shocked by the Holy Water. Her face was priceless as she tried to comprehend what was happening.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

1 // 2 // 3 (Shirt & Bottom) // 4 // 5


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